Fireman Up or Go Sit on the Curb Podcast

Darrell Fitch

Posted on September 17 2018

Fireman Up or Go Sit on the Curb Podcast

The Fireman Up Crew kicks-off Episode 1.

  • Corbin hits the record button, before the Crew was expecting it, to give you an up close and personal feel of the real personalities that make up some of the Fireman Up Crew.
  • Introductions get side tracked. Saying Hi can be tough for some.
  • The Crew is asked what Fireman Up means to them.
  • Chief discusses a little of how Fireman Up started and talks about the events that happened as a child that made him want to be a firefighter.
  • Rapid fire questions turn to Oops All Berries and Spam, and of course the tones drop while crew is deep in conversation.


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