James Huddleston

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James Huddleston was born March 3, 1967 and was raised his entire life in Springtown, Texas. James went to school in Springtown as well.

In 1990 James joined  the Lake Worth Fire Department as a volunteer, after deciding that he wanted to expand his career James went to TCJC Regional Fire Academy night class # 2, and graduated May 1993 as a Firefighter/EMT. After a few more years with Lake Worth Fire Department, James moved his career back to his home county and joined Central Fire Department.

James got married to Crystal in 2003 and they have 3 kids together, James also has another son from a previous relationship. James made the move to Parker County ESD 1 a number of years ago to expand his career opportunities, James has been a faithful servant to Parker County for 20+ years and has been involved in the fire service for 28 years. In April of this year James was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.  

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