Steve Papagno

Steve Papagno
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Steve Papagno began his stellar fire service career with the City of North Richland Hills on October 1 , 1984 and 30 years +2 days later he retired from his beloved profession. Steve’s early fire service experiences were challenges for sure and anyone who’s been a firefighter knows that it takes a toll on many aspects of your life including personal health related concerns due to job related toxic exposures on a regular basis.

Being a firefighter back before many of the life safety concerns were even recognized, let alone properly addressed through Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards is a major concern of many current and retired firefighters.

Steve’s direct positive citizen influence really began to excel when he transferred to the Fire Prevention Division in 2007. He’s responsible for building and maintaining popular fire prevention programs such as; “Safety on the Job”, “Shattered Dreams”, “Watch Dogs” and “Hanging with the Heat”.

Building and conducting the “Hanging with the Heat” programs were a top priority for Steve during the latter time of his career, it allowed for his sincere desire to help the kids of North Richland Hills and went hand in hand with his on-going devotion to his well-known religious beliefs. One consistent aspect of Steve’s wonderful career, is the fact that he was Santa Clause at numerous events throughout his entire career. Over the last 30+ years, most of the kids and grandkids of NRH firefighters have experienced Steve’s love and devotion to family during the Christmas season!

Steve is currently facing one of, if not the biggest challenge of his life. His cancer diagnosis has him now fighting hard for a personal goal and we each need to stand up show our sincere admiration and support for our brother firefighter! “No Brother Fights Alone” should continue to be a program that we reluctantly want to see occur but because of its positive messaging we support 100%!

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