Custom Embroidery

Whether it is 1 item or over a 100 items, we are capable of handling orders of any size.

No Minimums - Quantity Discounts Available

Our in-house digitizing crew will help you take your logo to the next level. All art is digitized in-house, by hand, with specialized software. We don't just click one button and trace. We break down your logo and rework the stitches that will best compliment your logo. We understand that a shirt is flat and a hat is curved and the digitized logo has to be adapted separately for each of those shapes.  

Contact Us today for embroidery pricing and turnaround time. Current average turnaround time, after art approved, is 10 business days for most merchandise. 

A few things to consider when contacting us:

  • What Items are you wanting the logo on along with colors?
    • Hat
    • Polo
    • Job Shirt
    • Jacket
    • Uniform
    • Hoodie
    • Bag
    • How many are you needing?
    • What time frame are you looking at? Is it for an event?
    • Are you needing art done, or do you have art ready to go?
    • Not sure of any of the above, we can help you out.
    Let's get it started - Contact Us 


    While our specialty is First Responders - Fire, Ems, and Police we also work with many schools, businesses, and churches for all their event and fundraising needs.