No Brother Fights Alone- Brandon Hale Tee

Sold out


Brandon was called out by the Sheriff's Office for a reported domestic disturbance as he typically assists the deputy. While talking to the female half that was sitting in a car outside, the male half snuck up from behind where he was hiding in the bushes and stabbed Brandon at total of 7 times, including once in the left eye.  He's had multiple surgeries in an effort  to save the eye but it was not successful.   Brandon is the chief for Westbrook VFD, a first responder for the EMS and Sheriff's Office.  He wears many hats and is a true example of a hero.    

No Brother Fights Alone foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to financially assisting Dallas/Fort-Worth  and surrounding area firefighters who become severely sick  or injured outside of the  line of duty.  Unfortunately,  if an injury occurs while off duty,  firefighters are left to fight  alone.  No Brother Fights Alone is here to change  that.  By  providing financial assistance  on a case by case basis, NBFA will make sure the  brotherhood of the fire  service stays strong.