About Us

At The End of the Day

Fireman Up has no desire, and did not set out, to be another firefighter owned company trying to slap clip art on a bunch of low quality tees to sell to anyone who comes along. It means more than how many stores we can be in or being the one with the most “Likes” on Facebook. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s a testament of what we believe in.

It’s about pride in our products. Each item that we print is unique, from the hand drawn art to the placement of the inks during screen printing. It’s that attention to detail, the assurance of quality, and the since of pride that goes into every item we create and hand print.

Ok, so we give up the consistency of a machine that spits out the exact same tee every time in mass quantities. If that is what you are looking for your best bet is Google search. We actually think the hand printing process and the lack of mass producing makes each item more unique and fits what Fireman Up is, and represents. Attitude – Accountability – Action.

We appreciate your loyalty and overwhelming support and look forward to meeting many of you along the journey.

Be Safe and "Make" a great day!

Darrell and Candy


Fireman Up Creed