Hero Hydrants

Hero Hydrants
From the gear to their equipment they use, the Hero Hydrants are fire hydrants who live the life of firefighters, and the cool thing is it is hand drawn by a real firefighter. Get in on the ground floor and get to know the fire crews as their adventures begin.
Now on Amazon: Hero Hydrants Coloring Book
Merch Hero Hydrants
  • Coloring Book - We are excited to bring you Volume 1 of the Hero Hydrants Coloring book. Over 30 unique firefighter designs of your favorite Hero Hydrants. Books will be printed and available through Amazon.
  • Stickers - Now you can get your favorite Hero Hydrants character as a sticker.   New stickers will be added frequently. Stickers are printed and shipped in-house from our warehouse in North Texas.
  • Merchandise - We have a warehouse in North Texas that we hand print all our custom tees, hats, and stickers. However, we are getting a lot of request for other merchandise. Even though we have decided to keep OUR focus on the custom side of the business we have decided to team up with Redbubble to offer Officially Licensed Merchandise to satisfy the many request we get for other Hero Hydrant merchandise. Such as: Pillows, Phone cases, bed spreads, and so much more...


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